Running http posts back to back

Are there any issues with running http posts back to back? in the picture, you’ll see a 1 minute delay timer but prior to that there wasn’t. Whether the delay is in there or not, since putting a second post in the sequence, it seems like the sequence won’t run. Is there any restriction to more than one http post in a sequence?Back to Back http posts

There shouldn’t be any issues running posts in the same sequence. Usually issues surrounding http posts are due to an issue in the receiving end server.

I personally do recommend short timers like this between multiple http posts though.

Say that you apply a tag to 10000 contacts that trip the start of a campaign using http post(s). How many will IS send at one time? Can the server hosting the code handle that bandwidth? Are you going to diminish your api call limits if too many calls in too short a time are made? For these reasons, you would definitely do well to provide a delay timer, but I also start http post code with a delay appropriate for the number of api calls. So if the code will be making 4 api calls then i delay 2 seconds to account for 2 per second.


So then John, if you’re using the API you can do 2 second delays. I’m using the campaign builder and the smallest is a minute. Unless I’m missing something.

An HTTP POST has to send to code in one fashion or another. It could be a product like Zapier or it could be a script written in PHP or something else but it will always come down to code. When I mentioned the delay, I was referring to doing so on the code side of things not from within Infusionsoft.