Delay Timer at the end of a sequence

When it says this, are the saying that the person going through the sequence has to wait? It’s a delay timer of one minute after an HTTP Post.
Wait Timer (Delay)

It is stating that the contact will wait at this point. In your example the contact would hit the http post, and then wait for the duration of the timer before moving on to the next campaign element

Meaning in my case since it’s a one minute delay, they will wait for ONE MINUTE right? I capitalize one minute because in the last 20 minutes, the support person couldn’t answer this question. It’s very frustrating.

Well, we can’t tell what the timer is set for in the image above, but yes, if the timer is set for 1 minute, then that’s how long you’d expect it to wait.

But the complication to this, is that timers have a number of qualifying settings as well, for example: If it said “wait 1 minute AND run on a weekday BETWEEN 8am - 5 pm IN the contacts time zone”, then it might end up waiting a few days because it started at 8:55 pm on a Friday evening in the Contacts Local Time Zone.

Does that make sense?

But the same timer, if a contact hits it at 2:00 pm on a Tuesday, would process at 2:01 pm on the same day…

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Makes perfect sense. In this one, it’s set to any day/any time so it should go through in a minute right?

That’s correct!