Can you delay an email from you campaign


does anyone know if you can delay an email from any of the campaigns you have? i have a customer who has responded to one of my emails stating they are still interested but need to wait a reply from their client. Based upon their response I would like delay the next email they are scheduled to receive?

the only way I can see to do this, would be to manually remove them from the campaign and re-add them at a later stage, is there an easier way?

thanks in advance

You can start/stop a campaign sequence on a contact without removing them from the campaign. In your contact list, find the contact. Check the selection box and use the ‘Actions’ button/menu to select start/stop a campaign sequence and just select what you need to pause from there.

thanks John, can I assume that when I re-start the campaign the client re-starts at the paused point and does not start the whole campaign again?

It depends on how your campaign is set up. If you’ve got a single sequence with a bunch of emails and timers in them, then there’s not really a way to gracefully pause and re-start. Sequences always run from start to finish, and to stop a contact from getting something that they’re queued for in a sequence the only way is pull them out of the sequence completely. And, when you start a sequence there’s no way to skip any items if you’re using delay timers (if you’re using date timers, it will skip anything where the dates have already passed but I don’t think that’s your situation).

However, if you have a lot of sequences connected to each other, and each sequence has only one timer and email, you can pull the contact out of their current sequence the way @John_Borelli recommended, and then when you’re ready to put them in again you can start just that sequence again so the contact doesn’t have to go through all of the previous sequences to get there.

That’s a pretty dense explanation, so if that wasn’t clear feel free to ask clarifying questions!

thanks for the advice, i’m fairly new to the automated software so we have only set up 'campaign’s so far. perhaps in future we shall look at setting them as sequences

thanks again for you help

Happy to help, and I know it can be really overwhelming getting your feet wet in Infusionsoft!

What I’m talking about is actually all “Campaigns”, and it’s all in the visual “Campaign Builder” with the graph paper background and the drag-and-drop elements you’re already working with! A “sequence” is just the rectangular box that you can drag onto the page, and the Email and Timer go inside. So if you’ve set up an Email element in campaign builder, you did that inside of a sequence!

The main issue is how many email you have inside of one sequence. If you’ve got a lot, then a contact that goes into the sequence will get all of the emails one by one according to the timers, and if you pull them out and put them back in again they’ll get all of the emails again that they’d already gotten in the sequence so far.

So if you need to pull someone out and put them back later but not have them get the same thing twice, you’ll need to make sure that you only have one email inside each sequence. It’s just a design decision and it probably means you’ll have many sequences inside your campaign instead of just a few sequences.

Hopefully that helps clarify a little bit!