How to pause and resume a sequence for some members who want to pause her membership

I need your advice! I have a membership site with Customerhub and I’m doing contents drip in every 15 days by adding a tag.

I have a couple of members who are requesting to put their membership on hold. I don’t want to remove them from the sequence because if I add them back, they have to start over from the beginning of the sequence.

Although I can manually cancel some of the actions, I can’t jump to the part of the sequence to resume because the delay timer is set from the date when I add the contact to the sequence.

Any advice how to manage this? This is how my campaign sequence look like.

You would need to build something like this.

Each sequence would house one of your emails and a custom field for “email received counter”
In the first sequence, you would send email 1 and set the counter to 1
The decision diamond would be “if email received counter = 0 or is blank, then 1, else Bypass 1”
In the bypass, you have the same type of decision diamond, only it would be “if counter = 1, then 2, else bypass”
This will allow you to stop the sequence at any time and put them back into the campaign and they will pick up where they left off.


Thank you Jeff! It’s a little too advanced and I’m not sure how to do it. Would it be possible to show me in a quick video or screenshots?

here you go


Wow! Thank you so much for taking time to explain it! I’ll try it.

No problem.
Hope it helps.