Is it possible for a customer/contact to rejoin a campaign?


I have a few customers which are finishing campaigns,

I will be adding more emails to the campaign in the next few days, but want these customers to rejoin and continue where they left off

If i re-tag them I get the feeling that they will restart the campaign from the start, is this the case?

Can i just leave them tagged in this campaign? Once the new emails go live do they start getting them?


Hi Tom:

The system is designed to pick up where it left off, so if you add stuff at the end it should continue from there.

However, I’d recommend adding a sequence at the end of the existing sequence that is triggered by a tag. Then, put the new emails inside the new sequence. Once those emails are finished, take all the people from the existing sequence and apply the tag that starts the next sequence. That way you know that they will continue where they left off and you can be sure that they get the emails.

Here is a quick video:

Hope that helps.


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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for all of your help and the video, i will be trying that out shortly

Would you be able to help me out on another question?

I have a single customer who is half way through a campaign. The customer has contacted us requesting that we contact them in 6-8 weeks, but the delay timer is for 1 month.

Currently we have cancelled the emails in the contact page, under upcoming emails and set a reminder for 6 weeks time to resend the next email manually.

Is there a more automated way to ‘pause’ a single contact and resume at a specific date?

Thanks again

It would be essentially the same scenario.

Create a custom field for ‘follow up date’.
Create new tag-based goal - sequence called ‘delay’ after the sequence with your emails Set it so that you can trigger the tag to start the ‘delay’ sequence, then that sequence starts with a Field Timer, followed by either a task to restart emails or a process to restart sending emails. That way you can add a date to the ‘follow up date’, trigger the sequence, and it will pull people from the current email sequence, wait until the date you specify, then start whatever you have set.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for all of your help,

However, I think that may be a little over complicated just for a single customer and it will be easier to send manually

Kind Regards