Pause a sequence for a contact

Is there a way to pause a single contact in a sequence and then restart them at the same point in the sequence at a later date?
I have case where a I have a client on a subscription plan for which they recieve content form a sequence that runs for 12 months, The client has run into financial difficulty and can’t pay their subscription for a couple of months, we want to be able to pause the sequence while they can’t make the payments and resume the sequence at the same point once they are able to resume making payments.

Can this be done?

Currently there is not a way to pause a contact in a sequence, and resume it at the same point later.

It’s not an ideal solution in all cases, but a clone of the sequence could be made, with the previous content removed, and the customer could be dropped into this custom sequence, when their billing resumes


If you feel that this is a situation that could/would occur in the future, you could put each month’s content into it’s own sequence. At the end of each sequence would be a tag for the following month, so at the end of Month 1, the Month 2 tag is applied & the Month 2 tag would pull people out of Month 1 and put them into Month 2. Utilizing this method means that you can apply automation to your billing to pull people out when their payment declines or they fail to update an expiring CC, but it will also work in situations like this where someone needs to take a break for some reason. It’s a bit more work to setup, but it could come in really hand down the line.