Moving a contact from the middle of one sequence to the next when make a purchase

Hello! I recently set up a 6 month nurture campaign which I am stoked about. It takes a contact to through a series of sequences (each sequence with 3 emails). Every other sequence, I make a purchase offer. In that sequence, if they buy, I want to automatically stop that sequence and move them to the next sequence. If they don’t buy, that’s ok–they finish off the sequence and I still want them to move onto the to next sequence.

Any insight in how I set it up so that once they purchase they move onto the next sequence…but they don’t HAVE to purchase to move on? I had originally set up a Tag Goal with a purchase tag (as advised by an IS help person) but that stopped my entire contact list from proceeding if they didn’t make a purchase.

I’d so appreciate any ideas or thoughts! Thank you!

@Becky_Hammond, your structure would look something like this:

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Ahhh!! Thank you so much. I’ll try that out and see! (and that will work even if the link-click from the email sequence goes out to a sales page and not directly to the order form, right?). Thank you!

Meant to reply the above to you! :slight_smile: Newbie in the forum. :slight_smile:

That’s correct, @Becky_Hammond :slight_smile: If the contact that purchased the product is in the campaign, they will show up as having achieved that goal. If they use a different email address on the order form, a new contact will be created and “that” contact will not achieve that goal unless you configure the goal to be “open” to anyone outside of the campaign. I hope that helps!

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Thank you @Cheryl_Hunt! Makes sense!