Goals and stopping sequences

I’m curious and couldn’t for the life of me get support to answer my question. It’s in the graphic also but will either of these two goals being met, not both but either, stop the sequence?


stop sequence

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100% yes. If a contact is in the “Untitled Sequence”, and they get the tag to achieve either of those goals, the sequence will stop.

(Note: The image above is actually in “draft” mode, so the campaign would have to be configured, and published before any of that was possible - but I think you know that already.)


Hey @Keith_Shapiro - here’s an article that may help illustrate how the goals work in these types of situations:


hehe, yes, I threw it together to illustrate my question. It’s not even part of the that campaign. One thing chat turned me on to very early on was Jing :smile:

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Yes! Jing is good - but if you use Chrome, I think I like UseLoom better for VIDEO capture. I still use Jing for images.


Second Loom. @Greg_Jenkins suggested it to me when I asked and I’ve used it alot since.

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How do you set it up so they get a tag?

That’s kind of an open ended question - tags can be applied in a number of ways. But usually tags are indicative of something bigger, like an action they took, or a preference they expressed.

So, think about it this way - if you’re promoting a product, and then someone buys that product, you might want to apply a tag to indicate that the product was purchased - and then you’d use a tag goal at the end of the promotion sequence to make sure that the promotional emails STOP once someone in that sequence is tagged with the “Purchase” tag.

I was able to figure it out. Thank you for the help!

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Great! Keep the questions coming!

Hi Greg,

I have a question following this scenario.

What If I put an additional Sequence after a Tag goal. Will the contacts ONLY proceed through to the 2nd sequence if the tag goal is met?


Yes, that’s correct.

I recorded a quick video to talk through this out loud: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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Hi Greg! Great Video. I wondered if you could make one to help me accomplish the folllowing:

I have a simple campaign that is triggered when someone registers for a seminar.

They go into a sequence that includes htt access for Zoom webinar.

They get a tag to identify them as someone who registered.

They get an email with handouts.

After the webinar I send them some info and usually just add an email in that same sequence.

Here is what I cannot figure out. If someone cancels - I do not know how to remove them from the campaign. I have read that I can apply a tag to pull them out but have no idea what this means or how to do it.

Can you help explain visually?


Hi Eli,

So, in the campaign builder goals are the round icons, right?

And there is a goal method which listens for the application of a Tag. (more here)

Most people know that goals can START automation, but in addition to that they also STOP anything that was leading up to that goal.

So, if you want to use a tag goal to remove them from a campaign, then you’d add a Goal at the very end of your campaign and configure it to listen for a specific tag; and then that tag is applied it would stop any sequences connected to it (directly or indirectly).

Check out this blog post for an example:

Hope that helps!

Thanks for replying - I have to be missing a step, doing something wrong - I simply cannot make this work for me. Maybe if I do a video of how I have set it all up you could take a look? It would probably be obvious straight away to you. If that would be ok, I will post a link to video once it is done. EC

Sure thing - I’m happy to take a look. Just tag me here, or, you can send it to me directly here.