Can I get confirmation that this works the way I think it does?

Hi, I set up a campaign, but I’m not quite sure if it’s going to perform the way I want it to.

  1. The campaign starts when a tag is applied.
  2. The tagged user will go down Sequence 1 BUT if the user gets Tag A applied, then he will be pulled out of Sequence 1 (preventing any more Sequence 1 emails to be sent) and sent down Sequence 2. If the user finishes Sequence 1 and never gets Tag A applied, he will continue down Sequence 2.
  3. The same thing happens again. User goes down Sequence 2, but if Tag B is applied the user gets pulled out immediately no matter where he is in the Sequence. After getting pulled out, he goes down Sequence 3. If the user finishes the sequence and never gets Tag B, he will go down Sequence 3 as well.
  4. This whole process repeats until the last sequence. In the last sequence, if the user gets Tag D, then all emails stop. If the user never gets tagged, then he continues down Sequence 4 until the very last email in the sequence.

Can someone confirm the way I set up my campaign is how I described it above?

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Yes, I’m pretty sure it will run as you describe. However, it also removes contacts from earlier sequences than just the immediately preceding one. So a contact in sequence 1 will get pulled out and dropped into sequence 3 if tag B was applied, for example. Slight chance I’m mistaken, but I’m pretty sure.

Tag goals also take effect anytime the tag is applied, not just if the campaign applies it. Even manually applying one of these tags will affect the contacts in this campaign. Also, and here’s the important part, it will drop a contact into the campaign even if it never was in the campaign based on the tag being applied. Best practices are that you keep these particular tag goals to only mean the exit and entry of these sequences. Removing the tag from a contact has no effect on the campaign.