Remove tag to remove user from email sequence?


If you have an email sequence that begins once a user is tagged, can you remove them from that sequence by removing the tag?


The “tag applied” goal only functions when a tag is applied to the contact record. It might help if we knew your thought process. What circumstance would you want to remove them from the sequence…when they contact you, when they buy something, etc… Also, you can always just manually remove them from a sequence. Check out this article and let me know if it helps or if things are clear as mud :slight_smile: Manually Start Or Stop A Campaign Sequenc | Max Classic

@Vaughn_Pourchot, if your Start Goal is a tag, then when that tag is applied to a contact’s record that does not already have it, they will enter the sequence that follow the goal. If you wanted to remove the tag, you can but it will not automatically pull that contact out just by it’s removal.


A tag being removed cannot out of the box remove someone from a sequence (not without using an api solution anyway). However, wherever that tag is removed it is reasonable to assume a tag can be raised and a tag being raised can be used to pull someone out of a sequence. So maybe it just wasn’t the right question?