"Tag Removed" goal?

I would love to see some traction on this. Anyone else frustrated that there’s no built-in “Tag Removed” goal? That functions the same as “Tag Applied” goal. Infusionsoft sequences can get quite messy with all the “queued” contacts that build up.

There are so many instances of needing to create ARBITRARY tags that solely exist to bump contacts from a sequence! Then, that tag is just useless on the contact record. A “tag removed” goal would be amazing and do wonders.

If anyone else sees this as being an incredibly necessary feature, PLEASE submit it to product feedback/requests. Thanks:)


I don’t think you’ll get much traction on this, as there is already a simple way to remove the ‘arbitrary’ tags that you mention. Simply add a sequence behind the ‘arbitrary’ tag and put in a ‘remove tag’ process. That will clean up those tags. Putting a ‘stop’ goal at the end of your campaigns that clean up any unneeded tags is something we consider a ‘best practice’ when building campaigns.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks, Jeff, but the problem here is the “snake eating it’s own tail.”

The issue is how messy it gets when people are just randomly hanging out as queued in sequences. There is no remedy for this other than creating arbitrary tags to pull the contacts out. Then, you’d have to put them in yet another sequence to remove that tag, and they’d be queued again.

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I have a -quit tag for every sequence and the last goal is -start tag (So I can loop) and a -quit tag. Then I have a single separate clean up sequence that loops once a day and removes all -quit tags. So the only tag I have now is my cleaup-start tag all other -quit tags are gone! I just add more -quit tags to the cleanup campaign as I need to.

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