Removing All Contacts from a Campaign

I have 400+ contacts stuck in a campaign. I want to clear them out, re-do the campaign, then drop them back in. When I try to remove the tags related to the campaign, they are still stuck in the middle of it. Can anyone help with this?

Just apply a ’stop’ tag and sequence behind your campaign. In there, remove any/all tags (including the stop tag). Then, apply the stop tag to all contacts you want out of the campaign. This will pull them out.

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If you unpublish the campaign then all the contacts will be removed and you can work on it until it’s ready to publish again.

What if they’re being put through the campaign with a search and Start/Stop Campaign Sequence action? We want our Clients to retain their tags for tracking, but we want them pulled out at the end so we can use the campaign again (which we do quarterly).

WAIT…nevermind. It looks like the entire campaign logic has changed since this thread was created.