API cancel contact campaign

I know how to add someone to a campaign using achieveGoal via api. But how do you remove them? I see the new api has remove user from a sequence but i don’t know the sequence i just want to end all campaigns there apart of. Then im going to restart them into a new one. Thanks for you help.


We don’t currently have an endpoint method to list the Campaigns/Sequences that a Contact is currently active in, which is what you would need to use to remove them from it if you haven’t persisted it previously.

I’ll pass along the request for that to our product manager, though!

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Thanks, so how else would i stop a campaign from running then and restarting? Would i create a tag in the campaign somehow to tell it to stop maybe? I guess i could delete the contact and recreate it.

Thanks again

Generally people will trigger Campaigns on Tags being applied (like “Repeat Customer”); unless the Contact gets re-tagged with whatever the triggering circumstance is again, they won’t re-enter the Campaign.

Hi Tom, is there any traction on this? It would be VERY useful to be able to see what campaigns a contact is active in.

I’ll refer it to our team’s Product Manager for possible inclusion as we build out our REST support, but I don’t have any sort of timeline for it.