How do I remove someone from a campaign

This is probably a simple question. But is there a way to remove a person from a campaign? There seems to only be a legacy option to do this which doesn’t work as my campaign are not in the legacy thing.

Is stopping their sequence the same as removal? I’d like to remove them completely from the campaign but not delete the contact.

Surely there is a one-click wonder for this and not a stop sequence and remove individual tags?

Please help

In your contact’s interactive view, you can click remove from any campaign:

Thanks for your reply @John_Borelli. I’ve done as you demonstrate above, but it only removes the users from the active sequence. When I search for the removed users, it still shows them as part of the campaign in question.

I’m sending daily emails to my subscribers and need to remove some people who are in the campaign but shouldn’t have been. My daily email campaign uses date timers and new sequences for each week.

How can I remove these individual users from the whole campaign so I don’t need to manually remove them every time a new sequence fires?

The contact normally just “hangs out” in the campaign at that point unless some goal is completed that would remove them. I often assign a tag goal at the very end of campaigns so that I can just raise that tag to pull them out entirely.