How do I remove someone from a campaign upon purchase

I have two prospect campaigns and membership campaigns set up upon purchase
How do I stop a purchaser from continuing in the prospect campaign after
they purchase?
In action sets I only see stopping LEGACY campaigns.

This could be done a couple different ways. One idea is, using a product purchase goal in the Prospect campaign. If you have one set up as an ‘end goal’ configured to look for a purchase of a product, it could pull the contact out of the prospect campaign.

Another idea is similar, but would be a tag. You could set up a Tag goal at the end of your prospect campaign, and in the campaign for the purchaser, have the first process in that campaign apply the tag that could fulfill your end goal in the Prospect Campaign.

Thanks James. I did set the purchase goal in the campaign but was not sure
it would stop them from receiving additional emails from the prospect campaign.
I know it starts them in the membership campaign as that is how I set that up to start.

The purchase goal you just referenced. Is that at the end of your Prospect campaign. I am assuming your Purchaser campaign starts with one, but the idea I am sharing talks about a goal at the end of the ‘Prospect’ campaign. Something they could hit, mid-email-series, to be pulled out, as to not receive any further emails from the prospect campaign. Here is a quick snapshot of what my prospect campaign would look like with an ‘end goal’ of a product purchase.

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Yes that is what my prospect campaign looks like. The goal is at the end of the email series.

Perfect. Then this should work as you are wanting it too. If I was in that sequence, and I was awaiting another 5 emails from it, I would be pulled out of that sequence if I met the purchase goal.

Thanks so much for the reassurance!
so appreciate you James

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