How to trigger a tag after customer purchases

I’m trying to set up a sequence where people who purchased will no longer receive my follow-up emails. I don’t want to ask them to buy again, since they’ve already bought.


If you add a ‘Product Purchased’ goal after your sequence within an advanced automation, anyone who purchases the product specified by the goal will be pulled out of the proceeding sequence(s).

For example, let’s say someone is promoting their ‘Test Product A’ product. If so, they may have an advanced automation called ‘Test Product A Promo’ that looks something like this:

The sequence in this example consists of several emails promoting ‘Test Product A’:

Location in Automation:

Sequence Contents:

The ‘Product Purchased Goal’ consists of settings that remove the contact upon purchase of the ‘Test Product A’ product only:

Location in Automation:

Goal Settings:

Feel free to customize this setup for your specific needs.

Thank you!



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