Campaign goals - do they stop a sequence?

Sorry guys - a really basic question. But will a campaign sequence stop automatically if a goal is reached. I want to set up a sequence of about 3 emails promoting a product we have on offer but I don’t want a customer to receive any emails after they have purchased the product. Can you advise how I do this.
Many thanks

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Yes, when contacts meet a goal connected to the right side of the sequence they’re in. They skip every action between their current location and the goal. (There are a couple of exceptions that don’t apply to the scenario you’ve described here.)

The correct goal to accomplish your desired outcome is the Purchase goal. Configure it to be met when the contact purchases the product.


Thanks Bill- I think I was having a blonde moment as I have set these up before and just couldn’t remember if applying a purchase goal or a tag goal removed the customer from the sequence. It all seemed too easy :slight_smile:

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