Campaign: Clicked on the link in sales email but didn't purchase

Hi Guys,
I have a campaign where I send out an email promoting a product with a link to a Landing page which is the product’s sales page. Is there a way to do a follow up in the campaign so that it sends out an email to those contacts who clicked on the link (which means they visited the landing page) but didn’t purchased the product?
Thanks a lot for your help!

Set it up this way.

Inside the first Untitled Sequence you would just set up your email with the initial link.

Once they click, they will get the info in the 2nd sequence.

If they purchase at any time, they hit the Purchase goal, which pulls them out of everything to the left and puts them into the final sequence.


Thank you Jeff! It’s making more sense :smiley:
This is how I have it set up. Is this correct?

The idea is:
1.- Tag applied
2.- “Sales sequence” is where sales email with link is sent and after that, all the following emails will be sent to everyone in this campaign. Ref. Image #2.
3.- Meanwhile, for people who clicked on the link in the email, a tag will be added. Ref. Image #1.
4.- For people who purchased it, the campaign will stop on “products purchased” goal and the email “Email Don’t forget your Keys!” won’t be sent. But for people who didn’t purchase the email in sequence “Email Don’t forget your Keys!” will be sent.Ref. Image #1.


No, the emails for sequence five should go inside sequence three. That way they will get the emails if they do not purchase. If they do purchase, then the purchase goal will pull them out of that sequence and the campaign will stop.

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