How to send to sequence if goal not met

I’ve set up a goal for someone who clicks a link. My question is, if they do NOT click the link, how do I send them to a different sequence? (which reminds them of the link to click and offers something else)?

You can just build all of the non-click reminders inside the sequence in front of the link click goal. It will continue to run until the link is clicked.

Thanks Jeff… So to confirm my elements would be as follows (all in one connected line):

  1. Landing Page
  2. Email with link
    (ADD - emails if link not clicked).
  3. Goal (clicked link)
  4. Emails if link clicked


Take advantage of the goals you have to work with. So if a goal that is to click the link is at the end of (outside of) a sequence then when the link is clicked it will pull them out of that sequence.

So if you have a timer inside that same sequence, then you could re-send the email or send a different reminder after that timer. Again, when they click the link it will pull them out of the sequence so that email will only run when they have not clicked it.

Thanks John… Think I understand, however just to confirm here is my sequence:

Then inside the “NOT downloaded email reminders” sequence I have the following:

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Yes, that’s how it should look :wink:

That should send emails separated by a day to the recipient, but ONLY up until the time they click the link.

Awesome. Thanks John!

You bet! Always glad to help :wink: