How to see if someone has opened an email but not clicked the link

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently in the middle of creating a campaign which starts with a landing page. Once a person fills out the form on the landing page, they are sent an email with a downloadable information pack. I need to be able to create a step where I send a follow up email to those who have opened the email but not downloaded the information pack to remind them.

Any help and guidance would be really appreciated, thank you in advance.

Set up a simple sequence like this.

Your emails will go in sequence 1. Send your first email, then a delay, then the followup email, then delay, then another email, etc. The first email has your link. Apply a tag if they click the link. That tag would trigger the 2nd goal, which is a tag goal. If they click, they’ll go to the next sequence and they won’t get the rest of the emails. If they don’t click, they will get the following emails.

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