Unopened email sequence


I am trying to find out what action I take in a campaign in order to put those who don’t open emails into a nurture process.
The action to take if someone opens an email but does not click any links to put them into a tailored email sequence
The action to take for those who do click a link that puts them into the tailored email sequence.

If more information is needed from me, let me know.

Thank you!

There is no actionable way to be notified in campaign builder if an email has been “reported” as opened. You can embed a hidden image pixel that runs and automation link that raises a tag and then it would be possible to respond to that tag but note that you will never know for certain if that tag was raised by a ‘preview’ or other mechanism from the receiving email client so your reporting of opens won’t really be accurate. I know it’s not convenient but until the industry agrees on a standard for reporting opens, it’s really just an estimation and not an accurate accounting of it.