I want to send a second email only to those who didn't open the first one

Hi! Newbie here. In an email sequence, I only want those contacts who DID NOT open the first email to receive the second email in the campaign. I don’t see a goal to add for “open email”.

In case you are wondering why I would even do that, its because my clients are the federal government and they cannot click on links in emails. Therefore, I have no other goal for the email besides seeing who opened it.


There is not a goal for “opened email”. Additionally, that is not a very accurate metric as email clients all differ in how or if they report an email as opened. Having never opened or read an email, when an email comes into a client that uses a preview feature, for example, that email will report as having been opened even though the recipient may just delete it without ever doing anything further. You would most likely just end up sending your followup email to those that had opened but didn’t report as having opened or vice versa. This has nothing to do with IS but rather the differences with email clients in the industry as a whole.

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Thanks John! Now that I have sent the first email, I have noticed that even the people that clearly have read the email (because they responded to me) are not showing as opened in Infusionsoft. I assume its because of the government email system. So, I guess my question is irrelevant anyway.

Unfortunately, there is a myriad of reasons for this happening, but it boils down to every email client doing their own thing and the industry not adopting a standard for reporting opens. Now email clicks are far more reliable. It doesn’t tell you everyone that opened your email but if someone clicks a link then you at least know that those people have.