Email Sequences - sending to non-openers


I’m trying to set up an email sequence with 5 emails but I’d like to re-send emails to non-openers after each email. Below outlines an example of what I’m looking to achieve.

  1. Email sequence of 5 emails to 10 contacts
  2. Email 1 launches on Monday to 10 contacts. 2 open email. On Tuesday Email 1 is re-sent to 8 non-openers. 3 open the res-sent email.
  3. Email 2 launches on Thursday to the same 10 contacts. 5 open email. On Friday, email 2 is re-sent to the 5 non-openers.
  4. and so on for each email.

Does anyone know how to set this up or if possible with Infusionsoft?


You would need to set up an ‘email open’ goal to move people to the next email in line and restart if they don’t open.
Inside Email 1, you would have the email go out, then apply the Didn’t Open tag. That would have a delay timer until the next day and would then apply the Send Email 1 tag again.

If they do open, that will trigger Email 1 Opened and pull them out of the previous sequences and you would then apply the Send Email 2 tag.

They are set up in a linear fashion so that if someone opens the given email at any time, it will stop any/all automation related to that email resending.

It would look like this:

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Thanks Jeff. The example is a great help!

I’ll work on this format for our sequence and test it!

In case anyone else comes across this post looking for more specifics. Check out this YT: Infusionsoft - How to resend an email to contacts who don't open your first email - YouTube