Re-emailing opens from a campaign

How can I automatically set up a second e-mail to people who have opened my nurture e-mail. I have the Campaign e-mail open report up and I see that there are lots of actions available. Which one do I choose 1. to resend another e-mail 2.To put them in my tasks to do a follow up call??


In order to trigger what you are asking, you should create a Tag inside your campaign that will kick off a sequence. Inside that sequence, set up an email to the client and then a task for yourself.

From the report, select individual record or check the box at the top to select all, choose the ‘add/remove tag’ and apply the tag that starts the sequence above. That will send them an email and create a task for you.

What is outlined above is manual. Here is a tool that can automate that process.


You can set up your campaign so that once someone opens, you can automatically have the tag applied and your email/task sequence would run.

I hope that helps.



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There are some things to be aware of in this approach.

First, every email client reports opens using different rules and as a result, opens are not a reliable number on an email by email basis. You WILL get false opens and also opens that are not reported even though someone did indeed open the email.

That being said, you can automate this with a tag that is raised in an automation link. An open can be ‘reported’ by that tag getting raised by using an image pixel tracking method that my video below reviews how to use: