Campaign Building

I am wondering if from a sequence that is attached to both a “email opened” goal AND an “email link clicked” goal, will it activate both goals? If there a way that I can have the link click override the open?

I want to send one email to the people who have opened it and a different one to the people who open and click.

Thank you for any input.

So it will look like this:

There are other ways, but tag on click is probably the easiest to describe here.

So if they open they move forward, if they then click, they will gain the tag and so get moved forward again

Hope that helps


Hi, @Chris_Buffalo,

So doing as @Andy_Wroe shows above will work in most cases. You could also take a “step ladder” approach here. That is to say that if you had two different ‘lanes’ and the one is for opens while the other only triggers if a link is clicked…you can’t tie the link click to the second directly BUT you can raise a tag that would trigger the second lane when a link is clicked in the first lane. The added benefit there is that you have separate control over what happens when and it’s a bit easier to follow when looking at it :wink:

If you structure you campaigns this way, with both the open and link click goals following the sequence with the email — then make sure there is a delay of 15 min(?) in the email open sequence, it should work.

What will happen is that when they open, it will put them into the ‘opened email’ sequence. If there is a delay timer, then they will be waiting for that time. If the person then clicks on an email, that sends them through the lower sequence and that lower sequence will simply trigger the ‘clicked’ goal that is behind the ‘opened email’ sequence. That will pull the person out of the ‘opened’ sequence and trigger the email for the ‘clicked’ sequence.

If they open the email but don’t click, they will get the email opened.

If they open the email but don’t click for an hour, they will get both, as the 15 minute timer will have expired, sending them the ‘open’ email and then they will get the clicked email after.


Awesome, Thank you both for the help. I appreciate it