Can I resend an email from a campaign?


We have a campaign that is triggered by the application of a tag. When looking at the open rates for that campaign, I can see that a number of people haven’t opened the email.

Is there a way to re-send them the email that they didn’t open? This is at scale so it’s not efficient if I have to go into each contact record. I am hoping for a “select all” and push the button type of thing, LOL!

Many thanks!

In Marketing Reports you can find: Campaign Email Unopened Report

I’m trying to think of the most efficient way of resending the email. If you don’t care about automation at this point, and just want the email to go out again to those people I would

  1. Save the email as a template

  2. Note down the campaign ID number

  3. Go into the report and put in that campaign ID number and the dates the email would have gone out between

  4. Select everyone

  5. Check to make sure that you only have the ONE email selected (if you have multiple emails that would have gone out in the date range from the campaign you will have to deselect those)

  6. Actions > Broadcast and send to the email you have now saved as a template

Hope that helps


One feature with another CRM I was using was that I could Click on the Unopens, the email was somehow attached to it, (I don’t understand coding), and I was able to change the subject line to see if I would get more opens. In which case, I would. It would be great if it was as simple to do the same with infusionsoft.

Well if you used the process I described above, you are loading the email in fresh (as a template) so you could make any changes you desire at that point.


Thanks Andy

And is the list of people who didn’t click easy to access?

The way above by Andy will work, and also know that Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is baking this functionality into the Campaign Builder shortly… it was announced last Monday.

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Should be if you follow my step by step :slight_smile: