Contact those with an unopened campaign email

I’m an Infusionsoft Customer, just getting familiar with the program.
Here’s my question -
I can find a list of those who have received the email, those who have opened the email, but not a list of those who have not opened the email.
Those are the folks I’d like to contact. Either a report, or a query that will allow me to email them, or put them into the campaign (didn’t open this email, then select them only for a follow up).
How do I do this?

Go to Marketing/Email & Broadcasts. Find the email batch you want to look at and View it. You’ll see a pie chart with Broadcast Stats. To the right of it you’ll see Total Sent, Unique Opens, UNOPENED, etc. Click on the number% of unopened and a list will open.

You can select all and use the Actions to Send a Broadcast.

I hope this helps!

Hi Nora, thanks for responding.

This email was part of a campaign, an therefore it is not referenced in this part of the program (seems like broadcasts only).

Any ideas?



Look in your marketing reports for email batch results (which should also contain campaign emails)