Unopened emails

If I send an email to contacts individually. Is there a way to view all unopened emails in one place as opposed to viewing that individually?

Thx in advance

Try heading over to your Marketing>Reports, and select the Email Batch Results report. In the search criteria for this report, head over to the ‘Misc’ tab, and you should be able to run a report for just unopened, with no other criteria, to get a birds eye view. You can ofcourse manipulate the criteria down a little bit, but this may be worth checking out, to get what you need.

That sounds about right. I do not think I have access to reports or haven’t seen that yet. Im a new user. Is that something all users would have or would I need to speak to my admin? Thanks for the quick response

Oh, if you do not see it under Marketing>Reports, or do not have access to this area, then an admin would need to change your permissions, if they need you to access these. Here is a quick visual from my app of what accessing this area would look like though.

How funny I thought you were an extremely helpful user and pretty good with this. LOL, now I see you are a support guy. Great support thanks. Loving this CRM tool!