Email - Non-marketable

When my Clients come thru Jotform (sometimes?) - They are automatically flagged as “Non-Marketable” so I have to manually remove it, Save the Contact Record, Paste and save.

Easy enough but how can I prevent it from happening?

Or is there a way I can do a search for ANY/ALL that may have that status and do a Mass Update?

Thanks in advance!!

Cindy :thinking:

@Cindy_Glover, have you talked to Jotform, or whoever owns that integration? I can’t imaging that is normal.

You can search by email status (definitely combine that with a tag showing that they came from your Jotform so you don’t accidentally opt-in someone that you haven’t gotten permission to email). you can also save that report to your dashboard and run it whenever you want.

Then select the All checkbox at the top and click on the very last option Opt-In/Opt-out and switch them over to opt-in. Again, just be careful that you are quite sure they came from that form so you don’t get hit with a spam complaint


You are just so smart arent,cha!!

Seriously, I do appreciate your help…you’ve no idea!

I know you’ve been in “my shoes” for about, say 10 minutes, it means a lot to me that you take time out of your day to help us out.

Cindy :hugs:

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