Remove contacts that have opted out

How can I find the contacts that have opted out of my email campaigns and remove them from my database?


So generally, it’s strongly recommended NOT to just remove contacts because they represent your history that you would need to determine what is successful and what is not in your email marketing.

However, if it just is something you’re convinced you want to do, step one should be to export every contact record first. Then you can run the Email Status report which will allow you to view optouts, unmarketables, bounces etc. With that list, select everyone in the list and apply a tag to more easily identify that unmarketable list with and then do what ever you need to do with that list.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m running very simple campaigns for a local gym that I own. I’d rather remove them from the database so I’m not paying for unnecessary contacts.

I looked for the report that you named, but I could no locate it. Do you happen to know if the names of the reports changed recently?

Thank you!

Go to Marketing > Reports.

For me, it’s the 10th item down, “Email Status Search”.


Hi, @Joshua_May,

In addition to the Email Status Search report, if you plan ahead, then you can also use email status automation to your advantage. Specifically in this case, whenever someone converts to unmarketable, you can automate a tag being applied to the contact. That way you’ll always just need to pull up a list of those with that tag. I have a video on using email status automation that I’ll share below: