Cleaning out contact list

I just started using infusionsoft with my new position. We have over 230,000 contacts and a plethora of tags that I don’t know what mean. I was wondering if there was a way to see who hasn’t read any emails in a set amount of time. Also, if there is a way to export your contacts with the tags included so I can try to figure out what each tag means. I’m pretty sure quite a few of these contacts are no longer our customers.

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Hi! You can find contacts who haven’t engaged with your marketing in a few different ways, try the Email Status Search, under Marketing >> Reports.

From there, you should be able to apply a Tag to any meaningful groups you find.

Then, navigate to Contacts, under CRM. If you search for any groups of contacts, you should be able to click Actions (make sure to select ALL the contacts first), and then from the actions menu select “Export”.

Tags, and Tag IDs are two of the fields available for export. That should help you out.

Also, it sounds like you might benefit from this 21 point “App Audit” checklist I created: Keap Account Audit Checklist

Good luck!


Greg, can I ask you if there is a way for the report outcome: i.e. not engaged in the past 6 months, can be assigned a tag directly, and therefore trigger a re-engagement campaign directly, without having to do the manual work. Please let me know. Thanks! PS: love your Monkeypodmarketing site.

So, I think you can probably accomplish what you’re looking for using the Automated List Management section, and the Email Status Automation Triggers (both under Marketing >> Settings).

You can first set it up so that a contact’s status automatically changes after X months of no engagement:

And then you can raise a tag when their status changes (see image).

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