Automatically tag someone who's been inactive for a certain amount of time

Can a tag be automatically applied to a contact who’s met a certain criteria? We’d like to automate our list cleaning by putting any inactive contacts (people who haven’t engaged in over a year) into a “Are you still with us?” email sequence.

Does anyone know of any automated solution to this (that doesn’t involve manually creating a saved search reporting and then applying a tag manually?)

You want to go and look at two things:

  1. Go to: IS Logo>Marketing>Settings>Automated List Management

In here you can firstly set a number of months for marking a contact as Unengaged Marketable - they havent opened an email, clicked a link or submitted a form

You can also automatically opt people out using the Unengaged Non-Marketable below it.

  1. Once you have got your months set and you are happy go to: IS Logo>Marketing>Settings>Email Status Automation

In here your trigger will be ‘When a Contacts Status Changes’ - choose Unengaged Marketable and then apply a tag when that happens - this can trigger a campaign for you. I recommend removing the tag in the campaign as if the client re-engages the tag will stay on the contact record unless it is removed.

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