How to manage the Unengaged Non-marketable contacts?

I did not realize that, when enabling this feature when it came out, that those contacts would no longer be manageable in any way. Meaning, apply tags, filter by tags, etc

Accessing them via Marketing → Reports → Unengaged Non-marketable Contacts

  1. There is an edit filter on the page, and it has no options within the window.
  2. Exporting the contacts only allows the options of Name and last engaged.

I am assuming this is intentional on the part of Infusionsoft. However, I’m wondering why there would be a filter option there if it wasn’t to be used.

Does anyone have any insight on this, or any sort of workaround to apply a single tag to all those contacts so they can be sortable?

Hi @BGB_Admin , are you a software developer writing your own custom software that uses the Infusionsoft API?

Hi Mike, no, I’m not a developer.

Ah, ok. I’ll move your post to one of the other, non-developer forums. You should be able to get the help you need, there. If it doesn’t work out, let me know.

I actually had posted there first, and no one responded so I figured it might be more of an API thing and moved it into this section. I would gladly receive your help if the offer still stands.


Sorry for the delay on getting some traction on this. I have done a little digging and I had a suggestion, and some information.

I’m curious if you have tried to utilized the Email Status Search (Marketing>Reports>Email Status Search)to try to accomplish this. This is one of the age old handy reports for list hygiene . It contains the unengaged marketable status, along with being able to search non-marketables. It has a column for last engagement, and shows ‘no engagement’ if they had never engaged. You have sorting and ‘mass action’ abilities for this.

As for the Non-Marketable report you reference… I am connecting with a member of our product team in the morning to discuss this report, as it does appear to be missing the pieces for running actions on these folks, and any sort of filters. I assume the criteria would be limited for a report of this nature, but date ranges, tags, and the other basics would be what I assume would live in the Edit Filters / Edit Criteria area.

Again, I recommend trying out the Email Status Search to see if it will allow you to manage contacts. I will follow up on any information I get from my meeting on this though.

Alright. So I have worked with our Advanced Support team, and it looks like one of our reps actually worked on a case for your app, and has submitted this up to our dev team. We are working with the developer to put more functionality into this report, as it is missing some key features.

I had another layer of status tagging that I wasn’t sure if you were familiar with. In your Marketing>Settings, there is an area to set up Email Status Automation. You can tell the system to run an action (etc: apply a tag) when the contact hits a certain status (eg: Unengaged Non-Marketable). This would be a ‘moving forward’ thing, but I wanted to share this with you, as we work with our development team on this report.

How’s this going? Any update?

I don’t have much to report at this time on this, but our developer for this report is continuing to work to build out functionality for a future release. I should see some documentation in my feed when they get closer.

While this is great that they’ve fixed this issue and added a the Unengaged NonMarketable status search with a column for Edit contact status, it just doesn’t go far enough.

There should be a way to automatically apply/remove tags when the contact status is changed from “Unengaged NonMarketable” to “I have permission to market…”(Unconfirmed).

When a user makes this change, the contact status changes from “Unengaged NonMarketable” to “Unconfirmed.”

One would think that the “Email Status Automation” section under Marketing → Settings would allow more statuses than just Unengaged Marketable, Unengaged NonMarketable, and Opt Out. One would think it would correspond to the exact and ALL statuses under “Email Status Search.”

Without the other statuses under “Email Status Search” in the “Email Status Automation” dropdown (screenshots attached) , the process for converting these contacts in an organized fashion is very time consuming.

Else-wise, other unrelated processes are limited as well, such as when a contact receives “List Unsubscribe” status.

In my opinion, this issue is of very high importance and is a HUGE oversight in the software.

Any insights?

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