"Non Marketable" Bug Says It's Fixed, But Errors Persist


Despite this announcement below, there is still at least one contact which is errantly marked as Unmarketable.
I’m curious why this notice says the bug is fixed.
Also, how can we tell who was affected by this bug, as opposed to people are correctly Unmarketable?


Monday night (6/26), we experienced an incident that caused some contacts’ email status to change to “Non-Marketable”. Some of your contacts were identified as being affected by this incident. We quickly began identifying these contacts and as of last night (Tuesday, 6/27), all contacts have been restored to their original opt-in status.

See the potential impact and view a list of the contacts affected by following the steps here.

I tried to search for contacts affected by this as described in: http://help.infusionsoft.com/temporary-system-issue-june-26-2017.
But, my search showed zero contacts even though we know that at least one contact was affected by this.
Can Infusionsoft please help me find out the correct number of contacts affected?

Hey Josh,

We are looking into this as we got a couple other reports also. From what I have had confirmed, the cause of the issue is resolved, and we ran an initial database search on our end to correct the affected issues. We are seeing that we might have missed something that we are looking into right now.

You mentioned that you knew of atleast 1 contact record that was still affected. I am going to send you a DM, and see if you could happen to share this example with me. I have an Advanced Support Rep that is working through this right now and I would like to get him your example.

I will send the DM now.

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Thanks! I just responded.