Contacts being marked as Non-Marketable

Hey all,
I’ve got a form set up and importing into infusionsoft via the API, I also have the opt in parameters being passed as well, however contacts are still being imported as “non-marketable” and as such emails in the campaign are not being sent out. Are there other things I’m missing? What else can I check to make sure contacts are imported correctly?

If you have opt_in_reason specified per the REST Create Contact docs, the resulting Contact object should be Marketable. There are a couple of cases where they might not be, such as if the same email address had opted-out previously, or if opting-in in the application is disabled per review process by Email Operations, but barring those, the status should be set.

If this isn’t the case, could you post the payload without an access token, and which app name you are testing against, so that we can take a look at the logs?