Non-marketable queries

hi support team,
We are using Infusionsoft REST-API for adding contacts.
But My contacts are marked as “Non-marketable”.
please check the screenshot 2019-10-14_1225
please help me to rectify this issue through the RESt-API.

Hi john,
Thanks for your reply. It’s very useful to us.
We followed your guide to rectify that issue “non-marketable”. Now that issue gone.
But Now, our added contacts are marked as “Unconfirmed” when adding contacts through REST API.
Please check the screenshot 2019-10-15_1230
please help me to rectify this issues.
Enock Samraj

Hi, @Karthik_S,

That’s exactly what it should be. “unconfirmed” means single opted in (aka marketable). “confirmed” will only happen is an email verification link is sent and clicked on the confirm the email address (aka double opted in).

Hi Support Team,
Thanks for your help.
Enock Samraj

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