API and Marketing Opt In

Hello, Can someone point me to resources to fix an issue in our API (That I can send to our dev team)? Our API, as is, updates records from our subscription platform with people who have double opted-in to our information products - but when they are added to IS they are marked as unmarketable. We have been updating the marketing status of our records manually but I have to assume there is a better way. :wink: Thank you.

So I’m guessing this question is going to be more about the “wording”. What specifically is involved with your definition of “double opt in”. I’m putting it this way because the api cannot do this and because you are yielding the results of unmarketable. The api can only single optin an email address that is not opted out. A double optin must be triggered through a link via an email.

Here is the api docs for doing that:


@Kathy_Sexton Only single opt-in is available through the API. Your dev team may use the REST API to accomplish the single opt-in by adding the following field to the various Contacts payloads.

"opt_in_reason": "string" 

Our REST API documentation is not fully updated, so you won’t find it there, yet, but it will work.

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Thank you! I passed this along to the team. :slight_smile:

Thanks John. The double opt-in was on our side - opting into our membership and editorial newsletters. I’ll make sure the team know about this URL - thanks again!

Does the “opt_in_reason” only apply to the EMAIL1 email address? I have successfully opted in EMAIL1 but I have a 2nd Email address on my contact records that I am importing via the REST API. EMAIL2 is not being marked marketable on my create contact call.

Is there a way to opt-in EMAIL2 and EMAIL3 via REST API?

@Donald_Gibson, currently we do not support opt-in on other email fields via the REST API, the opt-in will only apply to the primary email record for that contact. Our Legacy XML-RPC API does have an option to opt-in an email address, regardless of the contact record though.



Tom, Thanks for the info.