Create unconfirmed contact with xml api

I wanted to know if there is a way to create a contact using the xmlrpc api simultaneously making it ‘unconfirmed’ or available for marketing emails, or if it must be done with a follow on request (to APIEmailService.optIn)

Ideally it would be somethign like this: API and Marketing Opt In - #3 by mike.christianson where I just set some field in the data payload for adding the contact.

I believe you answered your own question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The link you shared tells you how to do this.

Is that true? The link I shared is for the REST API, but you’re saying it will work the same way in the xmlrpc api?

If so, great!


Hey @Ben_Smith in xmlrpc I believe you would add a contact and then opt it in.

Hi Ben,

For XML-RPC API, it will indeed take a 2nd API call to APIEmailService.optIn to change the email status to ‘unconfirmed’.

Hope it helps!

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Great, thanks for confirming that!

No, I didn’t understand that you were asking about the rpc…thought you were specifically asking about REST. With anything prior to REST you must call optIn() after creation.

Yup, got this working, thanks everyone!

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glad to hear it. if anything else comes up, just let us know!