How do I change contact status from Non-marketable to Marketable?

My client’s assistant opted out over 4,000 contacts in Infusionsoft and now they are all Non-marketable. I’ve tried to opt them back in but it failed because of their non-marketable status. Is there a way to mass update them without having to go to in to individual contact records and changing their status from there?

If you can identify them as a separate list then you can select them and then use the actions button to mass optin them all at once. You’ll have to answer some questions (just as you would when you do an import) but that’s how you would do it.

Thanks for your reply John but I already tried that and it failed because they are now non-marketable. Do you have another suggestion?

In fact I was able to manually change the status of one of them by going in to their individual record and checking the box that I have permission to market to them. My concern is that I can’t do that for all 4000+ of them!

Try exporting with contact ID and re-importing using the Modify Existing Records option (under Admin>>Data Cleanup), this should allow you to define the permission on import and set those folks to uncomfirmed marketable. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I think I see why. The mass optin will work on unmarketables but not opted outs. Sorry, but what @Greg_Jenkins suggests by re-importing the emails you should be able to get the group opted back in.

Ok, thanks guys. I’ll work on this and hopefully the problem will be sorted.

Hi Esther, can you reveal which procedure worked to change Non-Marketable to Marketable?

I contacted the support team who helped with changing the status of the contacts who had been opted-out no more than 3 months earlier.

Greg, worked like a charm. I had forgotten to check the email permission box in a Zapier zap, so auto-added contacts weren’t getting emails. Your solution was easy and effective. All contacts were re-imported with the permission box checked. Thanks!

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