Unengaged Contacts Automation?

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I can see in the Marketing Reports section that you can use the Email Status Search Report to find out when people engaged with the marketing emails.

Is there a way of automating that process? For example, could you automatically Tag someone if they have not engaged with an Email after 30 days?

If not, then I guess it is the API route for this one.

@Jeff_Arnold - Any tips?


You can’t necessarily mark them if they don’t do something, but you can mark them when they do do something and then just set a timer to track if they don’t do something for 30 days.

So, you can set up the system to work with your Lead Scores.
Set the lead score so that for each action (email open, link click, etc.) they get 20 points that last for 1 day.
Make 20 points 5 flames.

Set up a looping campaign.
START - Sequence A - RESTART - Sequence B

In Sequence A, they just sit for 30 days and then get a “not engaged” tag.

In Sequence B, you simply apply the START tag to restart their sequence.
Set up a Flame goal so that if they hit 5 flames, you apply the RESTART tag.

So, each time they open an email, you apply the RESTART tag, pulls them out of Seq A and puts them back in, restarting their 30 day timer.

If they don’t open/click an email in 30 days, they will get the ‘not engaged’ tag.
If they open/click every 20 days, their timer will restart every 20 days and they will never get the ‘not engaged’ tag.


@Jeff_Arnold, thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

I must admit that is a clever way of using the Lead Scores to trigger the Campaign Sequence.

What would be ideal if there was a way to automate the reports and apply actions to the contacts returned.
But that is not possible at the moment. At least the API is the secondary route to take.


Pav - an email or any email?

If you want to say they haven’t engaged in the last 30 days at all and trigger a campaign, you can.

Go to Marketing Settings > Automated List Management and set up Unengaged Marketable to 1 month

Then in Marketing Settings > Email Status Automation > When a contacts email status changes > Unengaged Marketable you can apply a tag.

What you can’t unfortunately do is remove the tag if their engagement status changes, so I would only use it as a trigger and remove it when they enter the campaign

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@Andy_Wroe, thank you for the suggestion.

The question is regarding “any email”, so it would be to tag them if they stopped engaging after a period of time.
There is a bit more to what I was asked, but I needed to see if there was a native way to tag unengaged contacts for a specific amount of time.

What would be ideal if the Email Status Search Report could be automated and actions applied to the contacts. The Report has plenty of search filters that would be ideal, but it all has to be manually done. I know the API can also run the report, but you would have to apply the actions for it.

Anyway, I am taking in your suggestions to see if they can help in particular ways.


Well the automation works for moving to unengaged marketable :slight_smile: