How to find the last time a contact opened/engaged with an email

We’re doing some list hygiene and want to be able to filter contacts that haven’t engaged with us for a specific timeframe. We use Plus This for the 30-60-90+ but want to sort the 90+ group into additional groups.


Go into Marketing - Reports and then run the Email Status Search. Choose all statuses and then use the “Last Engagement Date” area to segment your audience. Go through and tag people based on the criteria you want. Then, put them into a sequence that will automatically tag them as they progress through the months.

For example, if you want to grab people who haven’t engaged for 4 months, grab them, tag as “4 months unengaged” and set up a sequence that progressively moves them, month by month, through a tagging system that marks them as ‘4 mo unengaged’, then at the end of the month move them to ‘5 mo unengaged’, then EOM, ‘6 mo unengaged’, etc.

The other option would be to create a looping sequence and a custom field using PlusThis that restarts at the end of the month and runs through and adds “1” to the “months unengaged” field.

Both campaigns have people pulled out and restarted if they engage.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Jeff! This is so very helpful and gives me a framework how to get people automatically into our re-engagement sequence instead of the manual process it’s been in the past.