Does anyone have a good template for a re-engagement campaign?

I am trying to clean up my list. I have about 3000 contacts that haven’t opened an email in 4 months or greater. Before deleting them I would like to attempt to re-engage them. Some of these people I actually haven’t sent anything to in a long time because I had them on other lists I didn’t realize were being discounted from campaigns. Thanks!

Send 3 emails to them spaced a few days apart.
If they click on any of them, take them out of the sequence and mark them as engaged.

Start with a cordial email asking if they are still intersted in your stuff with a CTA of “If you still want to receive our info, please click the button below” and then give them a “YES - I want info” button and also a “NO - Take me off your list” button. The idea is to clean stuff out.

Either button pulls them from the list - tag accordingly.

2nd email is more aggressive … I emailed the other day but didn’t hear back …

3rd is severe — subject line “[ACTION NEEDED]: Account Pending Delete” … then something like “I haven’t heard from you for a while, so I’m assuming you don’t want our info so we are going to delete your account in 7 days if we own’ their from you … click below …”

If no action, take them out of your list.


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