Contact Purge - How to contact users who have opted-out

I have identified over 10k contacts in my database that have not logged in or used my website in over a year, and I want to send these people an email to inform them that their data will be deleted from the website if they do not log on within 28 days.
How Do I enable Infusionsoft to send communications to users who are marked as “Opt-out” or “Unmarketable”?

The easiest way to do this is through a reengagement campaign.
Just set up the campaign (or email template) that tells customers to click a link or (in this case) log into the site.
Then, you can do a contact search, and under “misc. criteria” you will be able to select email marketing status.
(Just hold ctrl and select as many as you want)
From there, you’re golden! (just select all the contacts and “add to campaign” or “send email broadcast”)

Campaign builder will NOT send an email to someone that’s opted out. You can manually send and email and some transactional emails will be allowed (think a purchase invoice from your online shop kind of emails)…but that’s it. So normally something like personally emailing them or making use of sms to promote them opting back in is about all you can do.

IF they are marked as unmarketable then one of two things has happened…they were never opted in or they were unengaged too long and marked unmarketable. So using re-engagement campaigns BEFORE they become unmarketable is the best practice.