How do I delete contacts who bounced

How do I delete contacts who have bounced or opt out?

As far as I am aware you cannot delete contacts by default in Infusionsoft automatically.

You could set up an action that would tag them and add a widget to your dashboard that tells you how many have been tagged. Then just open the saved search and mass delete everyone there.

You would go under MARKETING > Settings > Template Settings > Email Status Automation
in order to create the action set. Then just create a save search and a widget.

OR if you need a more automated way you could use the API to delete the contact.!/Contact/deleteContactUsingDELETE

Hi Brian, (my reply is assuming Current UI, if in Classic UI then replace stages 1-2 with Infusionsoft Logo > Marketing > Reports > Email Status Search) if you want to find the current bounce/opted out and then delete them then:

  1. Click Reports

  2. Select ‘Email engagement tracker’

  3. Click ‘New Search’

  4. Under Email Status use shift/ctrl and click to select the ones you want to remove - then hit ‘Search’

  5. Click the tick box under the word actions, just below the number of records selected. Deslect anyone you don’t want to remove

  6. Click on actions and then choose ‘delete contacts’ and follow that through

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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