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How can I use an Excel doc with bad emails to clean up the contacts I have in Infusionsoft?

Please provide more clarity on what you are trying to accomplish


I used Infusionsoft to generate a distribution list. I used the list to generate a campaign in constant contact. Constant contact has indicated that a large number of recipients emails bounced. I would like to identify those specific emails and delete them without losing all the fields from the specific contact. Since this is a large number, manually updating these is not possible. I’d like to use the constant contact list to clean up Infusionsoft. Thanks for any help!

Got it.

If you happened to download and keep the Infusionsoft ID with the records you put in Constant Contact, then skip to the part where you do the ‘data cleanup’ in these instructions.

Assuming you did not keep the Infusionsoft Contact ID on the records you exported (and in the future, I highly recommend you do, so that you can make this process faster), then do the following:

If your list has, let’s say 2000 records that have ‘bad’ email status from Constant Contact and you have that many open contacts in your Infusionsoft system, then upload this list of contacts to Infusionsoft. On the last step of upload, where it says ‘run additional actions’ click that and ‘add/remove tag’. Create a custom tag called “Bad email - delete’. Then upload those records.

Then, go into admin - data cleanup and run the deduplication process. Use email only as the determine factor.
Once you do that, run the ‘Merge Duplicate Contact Records By Only Adding New Data, Not Overwriting Old Data” tool.
That will essentially ‘add’ that tag you just created to all of the contacts in Infusionsoft that you want.

Now, run a Contact search for everyone with that tag.

Select them all using the checkbox at the top of the resulting list.

Choose ‘actions’ and choose ‘bulk edit’

Use the checkbox at the top of the field list to uncheck all — then go down and checkmark only the email field.

At the very bottom of the page, check the box that says “allow blank fields to erase data’

Click Save

This will remove those emails from those contact records.

Then, go to CRM - Settings - Tags, and delete the temporary tag you just created.

Hope that helps.



Thank you, Jeff. I will give this a shot. Really appreciate your help.