Validate emails of Pre-existing Contacts

Hello everyone,
I am in the process to clean our contact record list of over 22000 contacts, and validate their emails, using Zerobounce. Which they have suggested to export the entire list of emails, clean it and update infusionsoft.

My question and request of help is how ?

So after we clean the list, what we should do to be able to update and properly tag Our Contacts and Records based on the Excel file returned to us from Zerobounce ?
Tried the interface between the two apps with Zappier , but does not work properly.

Anyone has a suggestion and solution ?

Thank you
Tommaso De Poi

Once you have your results, you can do a ‘data cleanup’ (under Admin)
Make sure you have your ContactID from Infusionsoft on the spreadsheet.

Then, update contacts.
You can set the ‘results’ field (or whatever the results field is called that shows email status) as ‘add a Tag’ when doing the data upload/update. That will apply that status/result as a tag to the given record. You can then sort your records afterwards based on that tag and do what you want with those records in Infusionsoft.


Thank you Mr. Jeff. got it ! It worked !

You are welcome. Glad it helped.