Any way to automate GDPR deletion requests?

The provided method of receiving an email and then logging into Infusionsoft to delete contacts one by one is slow and prone to human error.

Has anyone been able to come up with a better method of deleting records? We have 35 - 40K contacts at any given time, so getting 10 of these in a day doesn’t seem to be unusual (but it sure is a hassle).



This is a real pain - I’d rather have a setting that just erases when they request it.

Agree - we have to delete their info when they make this request. Why make us take so many steps to do it? Just set up a toggle for us to choose automatic record deletion.

At a minimum give these contacts a unique status so they can be quickly found with a query.

The obvious thing to do is to apply a tag - we could then create our own campaigns to do whatever we want.


I’m noticing .ca extensions in my lists of emails to delete as well. Why is Infusionsofts GDPR solutions making us manually delete Canadian emails? Canada is not in Europe.

Agreed. It is asinine that a automation CRM would make you spend the most amount of time on the least productive group of people. I spend More time on the people who want me to forget them than I do on the people who want to pay me money. Come on InfusionSoft, think about that. All it would take is to add the GDPR tag to anyone who requests this. Then we could run a campaign automatically or whenever we wanted to remove the people or erase their data etc.

I have been on the phone three times in the last year with IS about this and each time it is the same NON ANSWER. “That’s not the way it works.” Right. It isn’t the way it works currently, so change it. They are clearly adding a tag to put them on the donor contact list so they can’t get another email the next hit or day, so why not add one we can access. The one they are adding is an internal admin tag that only IS can use.

InfusionSoft is about as slow to fix problems as any company I have ever seen. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Fix on this. They don’t see it as an issue at all. Not one person I have spoken with at IS thinks there is anything wrong with the waste of time. It’s just ten people. It takes no time. Well, it takes some time and on the least valuable people.

I want to go to the IS convention and start screaming at the CEO until he answers the question.

@Jared_Platt, v2 of GDPR will be addressed and released sometime in the first half of this year (2019). That is about all of the details I have access to at the moment. There are variety of GDPR problems that need to be solved and making it easier for our customers to manage GDPR privacy requests is at the top of the list.

How’s this coming along? This is a glaringly obvious shortcoming…