Is It Possible To Warm Up Cold Contacts?

Our broadcast emails have been very infrequent over the past year, as a result InfusionSoft skipped 95% of our contacts on our most recent broadcast email attempt.

I understand the reasons why this has happened and am looking to fix the situation. Many of those contacts are active customers who have either visited our site; purchased from us or have communicated with us offline during the intervening months.

Is there any way we can revive those contacts so they can be emailed again?

great question and i would like to know the answer as well.

So if it’s been a year then you’ll definitely want to be judicious about it. I would suggest a re-engagement campaign. This would send one single email asking that they verify their email address and give them the opportunity to also go to a “profile” page to update their other information if they’d like. I’d then not send anything else until and if they clicked either of those links.

The email should be something along the lines of “we’re doing our email spring cleaning and want your help in keeping things right” kind of email.

Nothing else comes from you except that email, until they open/click, and then you have engagement again.

Alternatively, you could send a single email with “an offer they can’t refuse”. Maybe something free that adds value to anyone in your market.


Thanks for the pointer, we’re working on the copy for our re-engagement email at the moment.

This whole process has been a real learning experience - the tag-based contact list we’ve been using to send our broadcast emails to doesn’t take email status into account, so I’ve had a truly inaccurate understanding of the effective size of our list.

Once we get this re-engagement campaign underway, our next task is to ensure it doesn’t recur.

Scheduling time to send broadcast emails monthly is the main task of course, but it looks like we should also ensure our tag-based list is regularly deprecated to remove contacts that hard bounce and opt out etc.

Is it best practice to schedule regular list maintenance like that before a broadcast email is sent out?

It is best practice and IBK have some options to help you track that as well.

  • You can raise a unique tag for any link that is clicked in an email. This will tell you engagement happened.
  • You can raise a tag whenever the email opened trigger happens. Again, more signs of engagement
  • You can run a weekly/monthly process that filters and tags contacts based on the presence of or absence of the above mentioned tags
  • IS has some automation in place to tag contacts that haven't been engaged as "unengaged-marketable based on whatever time frame you set.
  • IS has some automation in place to tag contact that haven't been engaged as "unengaged-UNmarketable based on whatever time frame you set
  • Form there you can automate a re-engagement campaign to bring those future unengaged contacts back into the fold with an automated process.