Is there a way to see who unsubscribed?

I had someone from my very small list (so far - growing!) unsubscribe and can’t find where to find out who that was.


In your Marketing>Reports, there is a report called the 'Email Status Search’ if you open this search, you will see in the criteria, that there is a number of email statuses that you can search for. If you search for contacts that are in the ‘Opt-Out’ status (Not Opt-Out Admin, this is a status for when you manually opt one of your contacts out.) you will be able to see a list of all the contacts in your system that have opted out of your mailings.

Thank you so much! I found it and got the list. I was lost!!


That report comes in handy quite a bit :slight_smile:

Hi @Tkachuk_Lee - the report you found is definitely a solid one to lean on, but there is also a setting that allows you to automatically run actions when someone opts out (like apply a tag), this could help if you want to automatically remove someone from campaigns, or remove them from your blog subscriber list, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to point that out in case you found it useful!


:smiley: Congrats!