How to resend email to contacts who did not open

Hi, we are trying to move from Mailchimp to Infusionsoft for our complete CRM, including our weekly email newsletter. Currently, we can easily resend the newsletter to anyone who received the email but did not open - and we can schedule that so that the information is up-to-date. For example, on Friday, we can schedule the resend to go out on Monday and if any of the contact’s opens the original email over the weekend, then they will not receive the resend.

I’ve found how to resend an email in Infusionsoft but it is very labor intensive and requires saving the campaign email as a template in order to send it as an email broadcast - and that is after tagging all contacts who opened the original email so that they will pull in a search.

I’m hoping that someone here has discovered an easier way to do this. Thanks!

I would be interested in this as well. There has to be a much easier way than to tag all contacts that opened…or didn’t.


If opened is what matters, we do it manually as you outlined. Unfortunately, it means I can’t schedule an email ahead of time though because I have to apply the open tag just before I schedule the email to avoid resending to the same people.

If a click is what we’re after, then we can use a campaign, tag the click and stop the campaign when the customer clicks. It isn’t too hard to copy the original email and set delay or date timers for the resend. The problem with this method though is that you don’t get the email batch stats - instead you get Campaign reporting which isn’t really the same.

I would be interested in an easier way to do this too.